"Mneme"                          ("memory" in greek language) 

                                                                                                                                                                             video dance - 2016

Exploring the limits of memory. The memory of space, of former self, of sound, of image.. 
Ruins of space and time that haunt us , that keep us in the past , that in a way define our path in the future. 
A constant struggle between "now" and "then" where reconciliation seems impossible..



Featured at

  • 2017 : "2do Festival Internacional de Videodanza de la Ciudad de México" , (Mexico)

  • 2017 : "Music Video Underground", category Dance, (Los Angeles, USA)

  • 2017 : "7th "Athens Video Dance Project", (Athens , Greece)

  • 2016 : "Vryssaki Festival", (Athens , Greece)

  • 2016 : 1st "Monitor Fest of Contemporary Arts", (Heraklion, Greece)